Download The Canine Hiker's Bible Free Books -

Download The Canine Hiker's Bible Free Books

Cruden Bay Books

English - 260 pages - ISBN-10: 0964442752 - ISBN-13: 9780964442757

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As an active dog owner you know the scenario when you are travelling. You read about an exciting trail enthusiastically described in a guidebook and, with great anticipation, you head there only to discover: NO DOGS ALLOWED.When we travel, we want our dogs with us. To hike with our dogs we can always head for a remote forest but while on the road we want to see the continentÕs natural wonders as well. Cruden Bay BookÕs newest title, THE CANINE HIKER'S BIBLE, seeks not only to identify those sensational trails open to canine hikers but to find dog-friendly walks nearNorth AmericaÕs most popular destinations.Your dog can't trot among the giant saguaro cacti in Arizona's Saguaro National Park but he can hike past the stately sentinels of the desert on the Canyon Loop at nearby Catalina State Park. Dogs will never be able to walk under the greatest collection of natural bridges on earth at Utah's Arches National Park but just down the road dogs are welcome on the Negro Bill Canyon Trail in the Colorado River National Recreation Area that leads to the sixth longest stone arch in the United States. Your dog will never look 1000 feet straight down at the confluence of the Green and Colorado rivers in Canyonlands National Park but next door in Dead Horse Point State Park she can look down 1500 feet into the canyon at the Colorado River below. Inside THE CANINE HIKER'S BIBLE you will find:* Detailed descriptions of more than 225 parks and trails across the United States and Canada - all written with your best friend in mind * Rules for dogs in 102 of the most-visited national lands in the United States * Rules for state and provincial parks* Rules for dogs at over 1300 beaches and 500+ beach towns* Outfitting Your Dog For A Hike, A Canine Hikers Watch List, Canine Hiking In The Desert, Canine Hiking At Altitude, Low Impact Hiking With Your Dog ...and much more



Sarah Johnson

Very good book...U will get to understand him so much better.

John Demotte

Exciting to read and hard to put down

Ben Walker

Good book

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