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Download Up (The Man in the Flying Chair) Free Books

Samuel French, Inc.

English - 85 pages - ISBN-10: 0573663742 - ISBN-13: 9780573663741

3/5 by 37 votes

3m, 3f / Dramatic Comedy / Unit Set Up invites us into the life of Walter Griffin, a failed inventor obsessed with Philippe Petit's famed 1974 wire-walk between the twin World Trade Center towers. Walter's greatest moment of glory - a flight on a lawn chair festooned with helium balloons - is now long behind him, though Walter dreams of inventing something wonderful once more. His wife, Helen, has become disillusioned and frustrated at being the family's only breadwinner. Their teenage son, Mikey, harbors dreams of his own: after befriending Maria, a pregnant girl in his class, Mikey becomes involved in her family's phone sales business, with surprising results. When Walter finally takes a job, Mike keeps his a secret, and Helen allows herself to dream of a more secure life. But when Helen discovers the truth about Walter's employment, it becomes clear to this family that life itself is lived on a wire not unlike Petit's, this one strung between happiness and sadness. "A brilliant play...original, poignant, moving, sad and funny. I have rarely sat in a theater audience that laughed so hard at one moment and, at the next, sat so still you'd swear you could hear the actors' hearts beating together on stage." - Eugene Register-Guard "The incredible and beautiful conclusion leaves the audience thinking, philosophizing and talking in the car all the way home...a perfect mix of comedy and drama." - Grants Pass Daily Courier "Not only has the playwright nailed the ultra-cool cadence of the next generation, but she also has captured an essential truth about the lure of the impossible dream, its freedom and its danger." - Mercury News



Zoey Simpson

Could not let the book down Sure not a literary master piece, but as one of the reviewers stated, it will keep you turning the pages.

Craig Simpson

Nice It has a nice story about how to always let go the past and fall in love.

Kelly Peltier

Good book

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