Download The Portable MBA in Project Management Free Books -

Download The Portable MBA in Project Management Free Books

John Wiley & Sons

English - book pages - ISBN-10: 0471448605 - ISBN-13: 9780471448600

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The Portable MBA in Project Management covers the mostpressing
topics in
project management and features allthe leading thinkers in the field.
most projectmanagement books address only the techniques for managingindividual projects,
The Portable MBA in ProjectManagement widens the scope to include insights for managingproject-based organizations. In doing so, this comprehensive volumewill
help managers combine the power of individual projectsuccesses to drive the organization to new levelsof
productivity and customer responsiveness. Eric Verzuh, bestselling author of The Fast Forward MBA in ProjectManagement, brings together
the leading lights of projectmanagement in this volume,
including Robert G. Cooper, RandallEnglund, Jack Meredith and Neil Whitten. In addition to his role aseditor, Verzuh draws on his own
expertise to address
howand why project management is a strategic strength, how tointegrate project management into your enterprise, and
severalother topics for which he is well-known. Togetherthey
effectively address
the full spectrum ofthe
issues in
project management today.



Christopher Tremblay

Very good book...U will get to understand him so much better.

Ben Tremblay

Liked it very much

Kelly Peltier

Good book

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