Download The Practical Life Skills Free Books -

Download The Practical Life Skills Free Books

Whole Person Associates

English - 124 pages - ISBN-10: 1570252343 - ISBN-13: 9781570252341

2/5 by 87 votes

Life skills are actually more important than a person's intelligence quotient (IQ). They are those invaluable skills people use every day that, if used effectively, allow them to create the life they desire and to access their inner resources needed to succeed. A person's life skills IQ is comprised of many types of intelligence including physical, mental, career, emotional, social and spiritual intelligence. Practical Life Skills will help participants learn more about themselves and the competencies they possess in many life skills areas including:. ¢¢Problem-solving ¢¢Money management ¢¢Time management ¢¢Self-awareness ¢¢Personal change



Zoey Anderson

OMG I love this book there is really no words to describe the way I feel about this book

Sarah Anderson

Nice It has a nice story about how to always let go the past and fall in love.

Samantha Tremblay

Incredible This book took over my life and I could not put it down.

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