Download What are Qualitative Research Ethics? Free Books -

Download What are Qualitative Research Ethics? Free Books

A&C Black

English - 122 pages - ISBN-10: 1849666539 - ISBN-13: 9781849666534

5/5 by 63 votes

There has been an increasing interest in research ethics over the last decade given the increasing ethical regulation of social research. 'Ethical literacy' encourages researchers to understand and engage with the ethical issues that emerge in the process of research. This book provides a short, succinct and accessible overview of the field, highlighting the key issues and everyday ethical dilemmas that researchers are likely to face in different contexts. Covering a range of methods, the book provides clear guidance for researchers on how to identify an approach that fits with their moral and intellectual framework. It explores ethical issues relating to 'traditional' research methods as well as to new and emerging methods and approaches - particularly visual and online methods. Illustrated throughout with real-world examples, this book also includes an annotated bibliography of key texts and other helpful resources. What are Qualitative Research Ethics? will be a vital resource for social science researchers across a range of disciplines.



Ben Simpson

Very good book...U will get to understand him so much better.

Ben Tremblay

Exciting to read and hard to put down

Michael Demotte

Good book

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