Download Off the Grid Living - Survival and Prepping Guide Free Books -

Download Off the Grid Living - Survival and Prepping Guide Free Books

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Off the Grid Living - Survival and Prepping Guide
Table of Contents
Considerations Before Getting into Off the Grid Living:
You Should Have a Conservation Mind-Set:
Energy Conservation:
Selection of an Appropriate Site and Location Along With Proper Design and Building Specification:
Generation of Your Own Source of Power:
Availability of Water Resource:
Waste Management:
What is Off the Grid Living?
Alternative Energy Sources:
Solar Energy Resources:
a) The Mechanism of Solar Power:
b) Installation of Solar Panels and Power Generation Equipment:
Wind Energy:
a) The Turbines:
b) The Towers:
c) Mechanism of the Wind Power Generator:
The Hybrid System:
Water and Sewer Off Grid:
Using Your Own Produce and Resources:
Augmenting Home Energy:
Use of Propane Gas:
Tankless Water Heaters:
Solar Water Heater:
Power Generators:
Fire Places and Wood Burning Stoves:
Building Techniques for Cooling and Warming of House:
How to Do Financial and Cash Management Factor into This? Conclusion:
Author Bio
People at large are fed up with the water, gas, electricity, sewer and many other bills that knock on their doors month after month without any break or relief. Everyone wants to get rid of such a lifestyle where you are dependent on these artificial things to survive. In many instances, people become so addicted and dependent on them that it becomes difficult and sometimes even impossible to survive without them. People spend all their lives working hard to earn a decent living and income, but the utility bills drain most of these hard earned funds. What if there was a way they could get out of this routine of bill payments and frustration. Going “Off the Grid” is the answer to such problems. All you have to do is produce your own resources and energy. This is why more and more people are turning towards this greener and environment-friendly way of living.
The phenomenon of living with less is something that is everyone seeks. The idea of living with less has been described by Thoreau in Walden. Human lives have become very artificial and technical. There are a number of manmade technologies that we are now dependent upon. In many cases, our survival has become impossible without the presence of these human technologies. Our lives have become robotic like science fiction movies. There is a gadget for every activity and function. There are times in everyone’s lives where we want to have a reprieve from these gadgets and technological wonders. This is when people rush towards the great wilderness and outdoors where the living is still natural and untouched by human evolution. You do not rely on utility services and manmade resources out in nature. There are many people in the world who want adopt this way of living in the natural habitat for their entire lives. They want to abandon the urban lifestyle and artificial way of living and move to the wilderness to have a close encounter with the natural resources and habitats of the world.
As per the statistics of various official sources, in the United States alone, more than 200,000 people are adopting this way of living in natural conditions. It is also known as “Off the Grid Living” lifestyle. They have said goodbye and farewell to community municipal services and have decided to face the challenges that are accompanied from this freedom from various types of utility services.



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OMG I love this book there is really no words to describe the way I feel about this book

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Liked it very much

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Incredible This book took over my life and I could not put it down.

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