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Danish - book pages - ISBN-10: 099267610X - ISBN-13: 9780992676100

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The Parthenon: in the brilliance of its siting, astonishing constructional precision and refinements, remains one of the greatest enigmas in architecture. It exemplifies an ‘elusive quality’ which transcends history and can also be identified in certain key works of the modern era. ‘YRIA - the guiding shadow’ is the account of a search - in time and place - for the origins of this luminous artistic and architectural mode. The thread is followed through the work of visionary artists and architects of recent times and illuminated by a comprehensive text, numerous sketches and high quality photographs. Written primarily for the adventurous reader with an interest in Art and Architecture, History and Mythology, Poetry and Philosophy - as an account of architectural beginnings revealed by recent archaeological discoveries, this book will also interest the specialist.



Christopher Johnson

Could not let the book down Sure not a literary master piece, but as one of the reviewers stated, it will keep you turning the pages.

Ryan Simpson

Liked it very much

John Simpson

Enjoyed the whole book can't wait to read the whole series.

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