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English - 78 pages - ISBN-10: 1491735996 - ISBN-13: 9781491735992

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Jane Carson-Sandler, a native of Northern New Jersey, entered the US Air Force Nurse Corps in 1969 and retired in 1999 after serving 30 years of active and reserve duty. Seven years after entering the military, she was raped in her own home while her three year old son was lying beside her. Thirty eight years have passed. This notorious rapist and serial killer, known as the East Area Rapist (EAR), has raped 50 women and has murdered twelve people including men and women in California. He still has not been caught. With raw emotion, Jane's story entails how she survived not only this trauma, but some other bruising encounters with death such as her battle with alcohol and other serious health issues. Through the Grace and love of God, Jane went from being a victim to a survivor. She describes her God inspired journey in making this transition in hopes of helping and inspiring others. Jane holds an MA in Management from Pepperdine University and a BS in Nursing from California State University. In February of 2013, Jane was interviewed on the TV program "Dark Minds," on the Investigation Discovery Channel. Frozen in Fear is the amazing story of one brave Christian woman's spiritual journey from a life-threatening rape, alcoholism and complete despair to God's healing through his peace and grace. A great inspirational read. -John Kelly, Profiler, Co-Star Dark Minds



Ben Mercado

Very good book...U will get to understand him so much better.

Christopher Johnson

Good book this is my3 time read it love

Craig Craig

It was damn awesome, sweet, the way of describing the romance was just marvellous

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